The Angel Dog

This is a story of a little girl and her toy dog. Little did she know she would have to leave to her home in Hawaii to go to Georgia her hometown to see her great grandma pass away. When she went to the hospital before she could enter the room her great grandma who she called maw maw curly was staying in the adults took her and her siblings to the side and told her not to be afraid and that maw maw curly would look different, and that we might want to cry and that is ok. The girl thought to herself, why would I ever be afraid of her I love her more than they think I do! The girl went inside but she could barely talk because she was getting choked up fro crying and she hated that she couldn’t talk to her she felt like she was not able to talk to let her Grandma know how much she loved her and miss her. But she could hug her but it broke her heart even more when her  Great Grandma didn’t hug her back she new she was to weak to let alone even talk a person in the room would have to say what she was saying. A man named Butch and prayed for her Great  Grandma. When they went home to her grandmas house, who she called Nana,  was surprised when she didn’t come home with them matter as fact she never left the hospital I bet when she picked us up from the airport was the only time she left since the little girls Great grandma was put in  the hospital. The next day they went to the hospital but this stay would be cut short. They went there and found that her Great grandma was moved to another room. The little girl brought her favorite Stuffed dog named Fancy. They were taken downstairs the only people left in the room was her Nana and uncle and Fancy whom she left at the foot of the bed. Later one of the adults told her and her sister with a new friend they made that her Grandma was dead but then returning to the room were her grandma once lived in, she was told the only one there helping her pass away and watching her was Fancy they then called her Angel dog.


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