Very first blog post!!

Please bare with me as I attempt to figure out how to write a blog 🙂 I am not a Shakespeare writer I am only a young girl who would like to have a blog. Everything I write is genuine. My experiences are real and so are my reactions. I feel more like a writer every word I write. I love cooking, writing, learning, and politics. Well I may only be 11 about to turn 12 on March 10 I can be very deep yet funny but only when I don’t mean to, so don’t expect a comedian either, but do expect a girl who is trying to express and find herself. This blog is for male and female because they both may be able to relate but mainly for females. Writing whatever you want whenever you want is fun but also calming because it is not a test where teachers are breathing down your backs telling you you’re wrong. I talk A LOT so this is a way for me to talk and people like it and choose to listen. Well this is my first blog and first blog post ever. Enjoy!!!


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